Best Price Guaranteed

General Conditions


If you book a room online through our website and within 24 hours find an equivalent offer on another website for the same hotel at a lower price excluding local taxes but including booking fees, we will honor the lower rate and give you a further reduction of 10%.

Guarantee Application

The Best Price Guarantee applies to reservations made on the Internet site and for which a confirmation number has been issued to validate the reservation.

To submit a claim under the Best Price Guarantee, you must complete the online claim form on our website.

Applicable rates / Exclusions

The Best Price Guarantee applies to Hotel Jan Brito , room bookings, excluding the sale of all-inclusive packages (including an offer proposed at the hotel, transport services or any other service related to the room booking).

The rates covered by the Best Price Guarantee must be accessible to the general public and available for reservation; expressly excluded are:

  • group rates
  • corporate rates

Type of rooms

The Best Price Guarantee applies to the equivalent room type as that booked our website. The equivalent type of room must be available and bookable on another Internet site at the time of claim verification by the customer service department.

Dates and length of the stay

The Best Price Guarantee applies to the same dates as those booked on our website.

For claims concerning a booking of two or more consecutive nights (at the same hotel), the Best Price Guarantee applies on the basis of the price per night and not on the total amount of the stay.


If the rate found on another Internet site is given in a currency different from that of the rate booked on our website, the customer service department will convert this rate into the same currency as the rate offered on our website.

The exchange rate used will be the exchange rate in effect on Internet sites at the time of the initial reservation.

After converting the rate, we reserves the right to refuse a claim, in particular if the difference between the rates are due to the fact that the two Internet sites use different currency exchange rates.

Sales of conditions

The sales conditions associated with the rate on another Internet site must be the same as the sales conditions of the rate booked on our website in order for the Best Price Guarantee to apply.

This concerns in particular:

  • prepayment and deposit requirements
  • cancellation conditions
  • conditions regarding modification of the reservation

Fill in the claim form

The online claim form can be accessed on our website. All required fields must be completed and the form validated. Incomplete claims will not be accepted.

A completed claim may be made within the 24 hours following the booking made on our website, as attested by the time on the booking confirmation, and 72 hours before the scheduled arrival at the hotel. If the original booking was made within the 72 hours preceding the arrival at the hotel, the Best Price Guarantee does not apply.

Claim Handling

After verification with the reception department, the Best Price Guarantee will be granted if your claim meets all the conditions of application. The reception department will send an e-mail with the reservation confirmation number as well as the new rate applicable.

In the case of a prepaid reservation rate, the hotel will reimburse the difference in price on the credit card initially debited online.

If the claim does not meet the conditions of the Best Price Guarantee, the reception department will send you an e-mail stating that the Guarantee cannot be applied.

Should you wish to cancel the reservation made on our website, the sales conditions applicable are those stated in the sales conditions presented on the site.

Payment at the hotel

Upon departure from the hotel, the rate confirmed by the reception department will be billed together with any other services not included in the reservation ( bar, etc.).

In the event that the rate was prepaid at the time of the booking, only the services not included in the reservation (bar, etc.) will be billed at check-out.


  • Rate booked true : € 250
  • Rate found on another site : € 230
  • Final rate applied by Hotel Jan Brito : € 207 (€ 230 - 10%)


Hotel Jan Brito, declines any responsibility regarding any expenses that may arise from cancelling a reservation, for all reservations made on any Internet site other than any true our website. Hotel Jan Brito, reserves the right to modify or terminate the Best Price Guarantee and the terms and conditions of this Guarantee at any time and without prior notice.

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